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Patient Zero Records

Damage Done - Damage Done CS

Artist: Damage Done

Label: Patient Zero Records

CN: PZ049

Damage Done is a straight edge hardcore band from Gainesville, FL who play fast aggressive hardcore with quick breakdowns and furious vocals. Originally released in 2017 the band has teamed up with Patient Zero Records to bring this release to physical life for the first time. Cassette is limited to 50 copies on two colors and includes an instant download.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. STFU!
3. Numb
4. Jesus Fucker
5. Bitter Mind
6. Pushing Up Daisies
7. Thick As Thieves
8. As Friends Crust
9. Invisible Man
10. Vital

Cassette Run:

25 x Yellow Cassettes
25 x Brown Cassettes