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Dead Blow Hammer - Mantis Lover/Shorter Circuits 12" (Green) / T-Shirt Bundle PZ024

DEAD BLOW HAMMER returns with MANTIS LOVER/SHORTER CIRCUITS. An all new intense assault on the masses that brandishes their various styles across the hardcore spectrum. Featuring two new songs for the scorned and two covers from DBH band members’ previous band histories! Featuring ex members of Agnostic Front, Cause For Alarm, and Against the Grain. Bundle includes the 12" EP on neon green and t-shirt.

Pressing Information

25 x Test Pressings with Screen Printed Cover
25 x Bandcamp Exclusive Cover Variant (White/Red/Green A/B Merge)
75 x White/Red/Green A/B Merge
100 x Red, White, Neon Green Tri-Color
200 x Neon Green


  1. Shorter Circuits
  2. Force To Reckon
  3. Stand As One
  4. Mantis Lover