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V/A - Defending the Commonwealth (A Benefit Compilation to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic) CS PZ019

These were originally selling for $10. I got a batch back from Revelation Records. Because ALL DONATIONS HAVE BEEN MADE on this project, and these were donated at the wholesale price of $7, I am selling them for $7 to cover the donation already made in 2020.

Defending the Commonwealth is a benefit compilation to raise money to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. All profits from this release are being donated to the Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Relief Fund. These courageous individuals are fighting a war on the front lines like one we have not seen before.

Here are a few of the ways the dollars are being put to work.

*Development of an in-house testing capability, to meet the needs of the
patients and health care workers.

*Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health care

*Innovative solutions for device development and production (3D
printing for masks for example).

*Support of COVID-19 Hotline for patients, in particular staffing the
operation with an adequate number of interpreters to help non-English
speaking patients access information.

*Enhancement of telemedicine capabilities, to ensure patients have a
reasonable alternative to physically visiting the hospital, thereby
averting possible exposure to the virus.

*Subsidization of childcare costs for essential hospital employees,
whose children are home due to school closures.

36 Bands, 10 Labels, and 90 minutes of hardcore. All for a great cause.

Pressing Information

50 x Red (PZ Exclusive)
150 x Blue


  1. Burden - Year Of The Wolf
  2. Crafter - Grey Weather
  3. Restraining Order - Vengeance (The Fix)
  4. Maniac - No Fucking Heroes-Machine
  5. Combust - Combust
  6. Escuela Grind - Eradicated
  7. Pushed Out - Unlearn
  8. XForgiveness DeniedX - Free
  9. Ghost Fame - Stay
  10. Counterpoint - Counterpoint
  11. 3weekoldroses - Poison Envy-Nauseous Nostalgia
  12. Sick Minds - Liar
  13. Allegation - My Reality
  14. Bystander - Broken No More
  15. Enforced - Reckoning Force
  16. Lift - The Fact Remains
  17. The Path - United Worldwide (Warzone)
  18. Faded Line - Two Steps Behind
  19. Silence Equals Death - Intro-As One (live)
  20. Rejection Pact - Threats of the World
  21. Scavengers - Flourescent Coffin
  22. Berthold City - What Time Takes
  23. Wake of Humanity - It's Still Not Enough
  24. Hundreds of AU - Thruway
  25. Time and Pressure - This Is Not An Exit
  26. Fire & Flood - Fight Back Mastered
  27. Discourage - Snake Oil
  28. Pointbreak - Broken Home
  29. Dead Blow Hammer - Shorter Circuits
  30. Brick by Brick - Hive Mentality
  31. Dare to Be - Rain Season
  32. Life Force - Acting For Change
  33. Fall - Ghosts
  34. Lead Dream - Identity Theft
  35. Court Order - Future Machine
  36. Sinking - Cemetery