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Going Off! - Destroy 7" / What Makes You Tick? LP Bundle GOBNDPZ

Destroy 7"...
The hardcore scene is growing at an incredible rate in the UK and Going Off is right at the forefront of it. Hailing from Manchester this five-piece hardcore outfit drive fast powerful riffs combined with brutal vocals, and true hardcore breakdowns.

What Makes You Tick? LP...
With 2 EP releases (Self Release / Patient Zero Records) since their formation in December 2019 and a raging leap into the live music circuit, Going Off are a band with something to say. With an intense and relentlessly energetic live performance and songs with lyrical themes worth going off about - Going Off are a band who need to be seen and heard. Instant download included with purchase.

‘What Makes You Tick?’ is the hardcore punk anthem of 2023, filled with vigour and reminiscent of the likes of Candy, Gulch and Trash Talk.

Pressing Information

This bundle includes the Destroy 7" on black vinyl and the What Makes You Tick? LP on purple splatter.