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V/A - Youth Crew 2020 Compilation 7" PFR039

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Positive and Focused Records

This 7" beings together eight bands from around the globe who are united to keep the spirit of the youth-crew inspired sound alive. Life Force and Headcount represent the United States and are joined by Pure Instinct from Australia, Tides Denied from Germany, Insecurity from France, No Excuse from Indonesia, Hometown Crew from Netherlands, and Makepeace from Czech Republic. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 600 copies, also included is the FREE PZ sampler.

Track Listing:

1. Life Force - Out Front
2. Insecurity - The Wrong Way
3. No Excuse - Decision
4. Tides Denied - Stuck In A Dream
5. Hometown Crew - Guard Up
6. Headcount - Watch It Grow
7. Pure Instinct - See Through You
8. Makepeace - Stand Up Speak Up