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Burning Strong - The Fire Rages On LP / Split 7" Bundle PZBSBNDLE

The Fire Rages On...

Florida's straight edge scene has been steady gaining stock over recent years. In part to bands like Burning Strong. This Pensacola hardcore combo displays raging metallic guitar riffs with wide dynamic arrangements guaranteed to keep you engaged from the first track to the last.

Burning Strong / Qualifier - Split...

After coming off a stellar full-length with "The Fire Rages On," Burning Strong has teamed up with Qualifier from Birmingham, AL, to deliver six tracks of pure hardcore-punk goodness. Burning Strong follows their traditional Florida straight-edge sound that harkens to their roots while Qualifier smooths out side B with a throwback punk sound you can sing along to.

Pressing Information

This bundle includes the split 7" on blue vinyl and "The Fire Rages On" LP on Purple in clear with splatter.