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Pinkville - Attica E.P. CS/7" TRL015

Artist: Pinkville

Label: The Record Label

Pinkville is a politically charged three-piece punk band hailing from St. Louis, MO. On their debut release by our friends at The Record Label Pinkville prove that "Punk Is Not Dead". Look for a new LP in 2023 via Patient Zero Records. Includes FREE download of the PZ sampler.

Track Listing:

1. Attica
2. Dead on The Line
3. Casualties Of The Class War
4. Havana Syndrome
5. Police & Thieves (The Clash)
6. Killers In Congress

Pressing Information

300 x The Record Label Purple Vinyl
100 x Patient Zero Records Pink Vinyl (Only a handful exist at this time, the USPS lost them)
100 x Pinkville Gray Vinyl
100 x Cassettes