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Bloodwar - Killing To Survive: The Complete Discography CD JHP002

Artist: Bloodwar

Label: JHP Media

This is the CD release for Bloodwar's Killing To Survive: The Complete Discography.
22 tracks, including four previously unreleased, packaged in a shrink-wrapped jewel case.
Limited to 100 total copies. Includes FREE PZ sampler download with purchase.

Track Listing:

The 1998 S.O.S. Sessions
1 Gladiator
2 Hand Of Death
3 A Taste For Violence
4 T.A.S.
5 The Flag
6 Killing To Survive
Born To Die (2000)
7 Fuck The World
8 Galaxegloo1
9 Hands Of Glory
10 Flowers In The Blood
A Season In Hell (2009)
11 Annihilation
12 Death Becomes You
13 Only Lust
14 Killing To Survive
15 Hopeless
16 Cries Of The Convicted
17 Flowers In The Blood
18 T.A.S.
Blood Of The Enemy (2012)
19 Giving In To Sin
20 Death Becomes You
21 Gladiator
22 Blood Of The Enemy