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Anklebiter - To Live and Withstand 7" (PZ Exclusive) PZEXC04

Artist: Anklebiter

Label: Sunday Drive Records

Fast, loud hardcore will never get old. “To Live and Withstand” clearly showcases this, where the majority of each song on the seven-song EP is just short of a minute and a half, yet packed with so much energy, emotion, and rhythm. Includes free PZ sampler download.

Anklebiter came right out of the gates in 2022 with their explosive demo. On their EP, they’ve only evolved what was heard prior. While still straightforward hardcore songs, Anklebiter’s songwriting is stronger and more confident than ever. “I Am…” and “Pearl” show the band easily playing with tempo and creating a powerful dynamic that’s tough not to dance to. Guitar solos and hooky bass lines are sprinkled throughout, adding more layers to the band’s furious sound.

“To Live and Withstand” is full of rageful recollections of life, detailed with harsh imagery and expressed with bursts of spite. Anklebiter continues to resist, calloused, growing and withstanding.

Track Listing:

1. Northeast Straight Edge
2. I Am…
3. Daredevil
4. Pearl
5. Catharsis
6. Altruist
7. Lynx