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V/A - Youth Crew 2022 Compilation 7" PZ059

The YOUTH CREW compilation has become a global staple. The series started in 2008 and every two years there's a new one. This years' edition is a banger again! No download for this but it does include the PZ sampler.

Track Listing:

1. Distante - A Contramano
2. Urgent Kill - What We Need
3. VAXXX - American(s) United
4. Stations - Stay Gold
5. Iron Deficiency - Locked In
6. One Step At A Time - Face It Alone
7. Last Gasp - Greetings From Nightmare City
8. Alive Inside - We Are...

Pressing Information

10 x Test Pressings
25 x Magenta Cover Variant / Magenta Vinyl (Patient Zero Exclusive *hand numbered)
25 x Yellow Cover Variant / Yellow Vinyl (Patient Zero Exclusive *hand numbered)
275 x Magenta
275 x Yellow


  1. Grave Heist - Time To Die
  2. Choke Out - Mechanized Order (taken from the Mechanized Order LP)
  3. The Take - Live for Tonight (taken from the Live For Tonight EP)
  4. Contact - Gun Control (taken from the Before and Through and Beyond All Time EP)d
  5. Iron Deficiency - On the Edge (taken from the Morning in the Burning House LP)
  6. Burning Strong - Silver Lining (taken from the Burning Strong-Qualifier Split)
  7. Safe - Not Alone (taken from the First Season EP)
  8. Near Dark - Make Our Way Back (taken from the Make Our Way Back LP)
  9. Discourage - Fulcrum (taken from the Disaster Fatigue LP)
  10. Sinking - Petunia (taken from the Mishappen World LP)
  11. Silence Equals Death - Revolution Rising (taken from the I'll See You on the Other Side LP)
  12. Your Disease - Dead Alive (taken from the Desolation Zone LP)
  13. Dare to Be - In the Never (taken from the Time is the One Thing EP)