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Near Dark - Silver Lining CS PZ041

Near Dark is a side project featuring members of Maniac, Set Your Goals, Restraining Order, Wet Specimens, Sinking, and many others. Erick and Tyson started the band, aiming to do a project inspired by melodic punk bands like Lifetime, Knapsack, Kid Dynamite, etc. Keith and Zach joined on bass and drums, respectively, and Matt later came in on vocal duties. Instant download with purchase.

Pressing Information

First Run

50 x Beige Cassettes (White Label)

Second Run

10 x Black Cassettes (Bandcamp Exclusive)
25 x Clear Cassettes (Near Dark DIY Stamped Exclusive)
25 x Yellow Cassettes (White Label Revelation Exclusive)
40 x Brown Cassettes (White Label)


  1. New Normal
  2. Reckless
  3. 40 Hour Work Week