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Hundreds Of AU - Acting From Remote Satellites LP (TEST PRESSING) PZ035

"Acting From Remote Satellites" is the third effort by New Jersey band Hundreds of AU. The album was written mostly via file sharing during the lockdown of 2020. Blending elements of 90's hardcore with nostalgic screamo, Hundreds of AU present ten songs that tell the story of living through 2020 via introspective lyrics and varied songwriting.

Pressing Information

25 x Test Pressing
25 x Bandcamp Exclusive (Blue/Black Galaxy)
100 x Half Blue / Half Black with Black Splatter (PZ Exclusive)
125 x Blue and Black Galaxy (Euro Only Variant)
250 x Orange and Black Galaxy

100 x Six Panel Compact Discs


  1. Symbolic
  2. Down In Front
  3. Keystone Species
  4. Blue Months
  5. Identity Theft
  6. Bait
  7. Beg The Question
  8. Court of Public Opinion
  9. Recommended Viewing