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Moon Rot - Moon Rot CS PZ031

MOON ROT is a hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts, featuring ex members of Battleships, The World Series, and Black Bear. Starting out in late 2019, the band released their debut self titled EP in July 2020.

A mix of hardcore and punk - Moon Rot has established themselves with a dialed in sound off the bat, with plans of much more to come in the upcoming months. The debut self titled EP was recorded and mixed by guitarist Joe Brown at Crawlspace Recordings, and mastered by Jay Maas (ex-DEFEATER). For fans of: Blacklisted, The Sucide File, The Hope Conspiracy, and Racetraitor. Instant download with purchase.

Pressing Information

100 x Turquoise Cassettes


  1. Fever Dream
  2. Just As Dead
  3. Roses
  4. Thieves Like Us