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Sick Minds / Fire & Flood - Split 7" PZ008

SICK MINDS is a hardcore band based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The group formed in 2016, including members of Taxi Driver, RAT TRAP, and Kimachi. In a few short months, the band released "Demo '16" in December of that year.

SICK MINDS then released the EP "LOSE YOUR GRIP" in early 2018, which was supported by a 10 date tour in April 2018. The following year the band released the single “Liar” in April, 2019 before signing with Patient Zero Records.

Since forming, SICK MINDS has had the honor of supporting Agnostic Front, Comeback Kid, Gulch, Drain, and many others.

FIRE & FLOOD is a hardcore band from Charleston, South Carolina. Formed in 2018, a young band made of old heads who’ve been around the block with other hardcore, metal, and punk bands like BARRIERS, DETRIMENTS, Homebuilder, At Last Glance, and Formations.

FIRE & FLOOD released their first EP in 2019 “South Carolina Hardcore” titled as a tribute to the hardcore bands before them that paved the way like Stretch Armstrong.

Since forming, FIRE & FLOOD has had the honor of supporting Great American Ghost, Dissent, Shame Spiral, Heat Seeker, Drain, along with other great band

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Pressing Information

30 x Test Pressings
100 x Transparent Red
150 x Transparent Blue with White Splatter
250 x Black


  1. Empty (Sick Minds)
  2. Sink Or Swim (Sick Minds)
  3. Liar (Bonus Track) (Sick Minds)
  4. Dead Eyes (Fire & Flood)
  5. ASOSN (MIrror) (Fire & Flood)
  6. Fight Back (Bonus Track) (Fire & Flood)