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Dead Blow Hammer - No Repercussions? 7" PZ003

The long awaited second EP by hardcore trouble starters, DEAD BLOW HAMMER. Thirteen viciously orchestrated minutes covering their influence of various styles of hardcore with hearty helpings of speed and thrash! Start this riot and feel the repercussions!! Fast riffs, old school breakdowns, and an original sound for 2019. Features ex members of Agnostic Front, Cause For Alarm, and Against the Grain. Instant download with purchase.

Pressing Information

25 x Test Pressings
100 x Transparent Red with Red Cover
200 x Transparent Blue with Blue Cover
300 x White with White Cover


  1. Caste System Skunks
  2. Intro(Verted)-Leaders Grow Afraid
  3. Dents
  4. Imperious
  5. Caught Me A Virus (Bonus Track)