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V/A - Spreading the Infection Hardcore Compilation 2018 7" PZ001

The debut release from Patient Zero Records featuring Silence Equals Death (NJ), The Broken (NY), Panzram (NY), and One Less Scumbag (NH). Hardcore and metalcore come hard on this compilation and prove the East Coast still has what it takes to bring the mosh. Instant download with purchase.

FFO: Hatebreed, Comeback Kid, Merauder, and Dissolve.

Pressing Information

4 X Test Presses on Transparent Blue, Dodger Blue Edition, Hand numbered covers, and vinyl.
25 X Test Presses Transparent Blue, Hand numbered covers, and blue stamped vinyl. (Given to band members only)
100 X Black Vinyl (Record Release Show Edition)
400 X Black Vinyl
300 X Blue Vinyl
300 X Yellow Vinyl


  1. Silence Equals Death - Plague
  2. The Broken - Run
  3. Panzram - The White Horse
  4. One Less Scumbag - My HOmicide Girl