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Crafter "Lasting Efforts" T-Shirt pzcrftt

These are Gildan 100% Cotton t-shirts featuring the "Lasting Efforts" album cover on the back, the Crafter logo on the chest, and the classic PZ logo on the sleeve. Includes free download of the "Lasting Efforts" LP.


  1. Refuse To Be
  2. Collecting Losses
  3. What's Left To Learn
  4. Lasting Efforts
  5. No Action Taken
  6. Parting Statements
  7. Waking Hours
  8. Trying Our Souls
  9. Burning On The Doorstep
  10. Rupture
  11. Whatever It Takes
  12. Running Red Lights (Bonus Track)
  13. Dearly Devoted (Bonus Track)
  14. More Than An Echo (Bonus Track)