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Allegation - Final Fool CD/7" PZ042

Allegation is a mosh heavy orientated hardcore band from Fort Worth, TX combining two parts street flavor with three doses of reality. After the release of their first EP “Cursed Earth” and several shows with notable acts such as Enforced and Life Force, Allegation is now poised to take front and center on the big stage that is Texas with their Patient Zero Records debut. Instant download with purchase.

Pressing Information

25 x Test Pressings (15 Available to public)
26 x Integrity Cover Variant (Nuclear Family Records Exclusive)
26 x Panther City Variant Cover (Bandcamp Exclusive)
74 x Black Vinyl
174 x Random Mix Vinyl (Blue/Grey is the majority with a very small amount of brown which went to the band.)


  1. F.O.A.
  2. Burden Of Guilt
  3. Final Fool
  4. Psychological Warfare (Integrity Cover)