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Dead Blow Hammer / Rencilla - Split LP DBHREN

Label: Catarina Records

Eight thrashers from both bands! Dead Blow Hammer smashes through the masses with these 4 crossover-inspired ragers based on rebellion, terminal competitiveness, and back against the wall angst orchestrated at break neck speed! With full on fury, Rencilla powerfully demonstrates why they pummel through the walls of whatever chip is on their hardcore shoulder with no remaining survivors! Brought to you by the daring team up of Catarina Records, Universe Zero Records, and Tuskeny Recordings. Includes FREE download of the PZ sampler.

Track Listing:

1. Dead Blow Hammer– Lies / RiseDead
2. Blow Hammer– Compete / Defeat
3. Dead Blow Hammer– Forzar a Contar
4. Dead Blow Hammer – Hold What Together?
5. Rencilla– Cadaveres
6. Rencilla– Suicidio
7. Rencilla– Adrenalina (Version 2020)
8. Rencilla– Presente

Includes FREE PZ Sampler download. Track listing below...