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Kings Never Die - All the Rats LP KNDLP

Ltd. Edition glow in the dark transparent vinyl. Hailing from New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania, North Eastern U.S.A. Kings Never Die walk the line between positive, uplifting messages and dead serious subject matter. A musical and lyrical mix of hardcore, punk and metal with chat or sing along vocals. In the band's words, "We love making music together and this is what gets spit out". Comprised of members, Dylan Gadino (vocals) Dan Nastasi (guitar/add vocals) Danny Schuler (drums) Larry Nieroda (guitar) & Evan Ivkovich (bass). The original version of the band started working in late 2019 and released an EP "Raise A Glass" in early 2020 right before the covid pandemic, essentially shutting down the rest of it's 20',21' plans. Since the goal had always been to formally release a full-length album, the band used the down time to focus in on writing and recording. The band emerged with some new members and another EP "Good Times and The Bad" in 2022 as a taster while completing their upcoming "All The Rats" debut full length album. Includes FREE download of the PZ Sampler.

Track Listing:

1. Stay True
2. Stand for It All
3. This One's for You
4. Were We Friends at All
5. Make Them Anymore
6. All the Rats
7. Never in My Eyes
8. We Need the Truth
9. The Juice
10. Side By Side

Includes FREE PZ Sampler download. Track listing below...