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Splattered Entrails - Ossuary LP PZ047

Splattered Entrails formed in 2004 in Long Island, NY and immediately began tearing up the New York Death Metal scene. Since they have released a bevy of splits, eps, and full lengths prior to breaking up in 2021. Previously only released on CD and Cassette Ossuary is now available on vinyl for the first time and is the last and final testament of this now legendary Death Metal act. Instant download included with purchase.

Pressing Information

25 x Test Pressings (15 Available to Public)
97 x Neon Purple inside Ultra Clear with Heavy Blue Splatter
207 x Ultra Clear with Heavy Neon Purple and Blue Splatter


  1. Usurper
  2. Asbestolith
  3. Bioliquidated
  4. Organ Plumes
  5. Cell Of Contempt
  6. Maleficide
  7. Consuming Vengeance
  8. To Facilitate The Descending