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Discourage - Forlorn Hope 7" / PD PZ016

Stemming from Oakland, Ca, DISCOURAGE embodies fast, angry, and true-to-roots hardcore screaming for social awareness and a clarion call against apathy and ambivalence. Drawing influence from early 2000's hardcore such as CARRY ON, ENSIGN, and MENTAL, they fuse that sound with the grit and fury of their local Oakland hardcore punk scene that birthed LOOK BACK AND LAUGH and TORSO. Includes instant download.

Pressing Information

First Pressing:

25 x Test Pressings
26 x Green Black Sabbath Crew Cuts Exclusive Cover
31 x Green Bob's Burgers Bandcamp Exclusive Cover
100 x Half Green / Half Yellow
143 x Green (Standard Cover)

Second Pressing:

25 x Bandcamp Exclusive Taco Cover
87 x White with Gold Splatter
169 x Picture Disc


  1. Forlorn Hope
  2. Control
  3. Snake Oil
  4. The Curtain