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Iron Deficiency - Morning In The Burning House LP (TEST PRESSING) PZ060

Every now and then a band needs to come along that redefines a genre. Iron Deficiency has arrived. Formed in Lyons, France this Vegan Straightedge powerhouses debut full-length "Morning in the Burning House" is poised to be the voice of a new straightedge generation. Instant download included with purchase.

Pressing Information

25 x Test Pressings
25 x Patient Zero Bandcamp Exclusive Drop-in Cover (Black inside Transparent Blue)
75 x Black inside Transparent Blue (Patient Zero Records)
100 x Transparent Blue with Heavy Black Splatter (Band / RevHQ)
100 x Transparent Blue and Black Galaxy (Youth Authority Records)


  1. A Call To Rage
  2. Locked In
  3. On the Edge
  4. Perfect
  5. All Bite No Bark (feat. Felox)
  6. Human Mistake
  7. Final Words
  8. Morning in the Burning House (feat. Romain Bedel -Cavalerie-)