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Burning Strong / Qualifier - Split 7" (TEST PRESSING) PZ053

After coming off a stellar full-length with "The Fire Rages On," Burning Strong has teamed up with Qualifier from Birmingham, AL, to deliver six tracks of pure hardcore-punk goodness. Burning Strong follows their traditional Florida straight-edge sound that harkens to their roots while Qualifier smooths out side B with a throwback punk sound you can sing along to. Limited edition of 600 copies. Instant download included with purchase.

Pressing Information

30 x Test Pressings (Only Ten Available to Public)
25 x Bandcamp Exclusive Variant Cover
75 x Opaque Gold (Coretex Records Exclusive)
100 x Clear with Green, Blue, and Gold Splatter (Patient Zero Europe Exclusive)
100 x Blue with Green Splatter (Burning Strong / Qualifier Band Exclusive)
100 x Clear with Blue Smoke (From Within Records Exclusive)
100 x Three Color Stripe (Patient Zero Records Exclusive)
100 x Blue (Retail Variant)

50 purple tapes (Nuclear Family Records)
50 green tapes (Nuclear Family Records)


  1. BS Silver Lining
  2. BS Consequence
  3. BS Bounded
  4. QU Interchangeable Parts
  5. QU This Fireworks Stand Only Sells Molotov Cocktails
  6. QU Game of Inches