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Choke Out - Mechanized Order LP (PRE-ORDER) PZ058

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Western Massachusetts is no stranger to heavy edged hardcore with a history of bands like Pushbutton Warfare, Aftershock, Grimlock, and Restraining Order, just to name a few. Now comes Choke Out with two EPs and two albums full of brutally heavy hardcore not for the faint of heart that is quickly putting Whip City on the map. They have slowly built themselves a fan base in New England and now branching out into the Tri-State Area. Instant download included with purchase.

FFO: Terror, Great American Ghost, Knocked Loose, Foundation, and Grimlock.

Pressing Information

25 x Test Pressings
100 x Neon Orange and Black Pinwheel
200 x Neon Orange with Black Splatter


  1. FYWL
  2. Mark Of The Betrayer
  3. Forlorn Crest
  4. Mechanized Order
  5. Mouth Of Roots
  6. Death Tide
  7. Ghost In The Hills
  8. Whiplash
  9. Grand Design
  10. Head Of Stone